Fish Tacos

Country of origin: Mexico

Now I’ve been rabbiting on about making corn tacos for a while, and they weren’t as difficult to make as I’d imagined. It does take a while to make the dough, roll the tortillas and then cook them, but well worth it. The tortillas were quite dense though, so I think substituting some all-purpose flour would help make them a little lighter.

The tortilla dough recipe, from Thomasina Mier’s fantastic and colorful book, Mexican Food Made Simple, is made by mixing masa harina with oil and hot water. She recommends rolling the tortillas between the layers of a polythene bag, which avoids dough-sticking-on-tabletop-syndrome. The tortillas are then cooked in a dry pan and they do so surprisingly quickly, about a minute and a half on each side. The picture above shows how uneven the edges of my tortillas are; I had to used a bowl to cut proper circles in the end.

These tacos were filled with white fish, floured, egged and then coated in panko breadcrumbs, but any other filling like tofu, Quorn or chicken would work equally well.

The fish is fried until golden brown in a hot pan with a good slug of oil and then popped in a 375 F/ 190 C oven for about ten minutes, or until they are cooked through.

The salsa and guacamole recipes were¬†also from Thomasina Mier’s book. The salsa is a raw recipe of chopped plum tomatoes, which was fresh and zingy with lime and chilli, but lacking deep tomato-ness that comes from cooking them. Guacamole is the easiest thing to make, smashing avocados, red onions, chillies (jalapeno or serrano do nicely), lime and coriander together – in my case with the end of a rolling pin – until you have a nice chunky mush.

The tacos were served with corn, briefly boiled and then finished off under the grill for a few minutes, rolled with chilli salt and lime. Cheers!