Rasberry, rose and lychee macarons


I’ve made macarons a few times, but always using French meringue. The results have mostly been good, with the problems mainly being me (pulling them out of the oven too early, not resting them before baking enough). The macarons were smooth, with-feet and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I had never made Italian meringue macarons and I am very pleased with the results. Some of the things I’ve read say that French meringue macarons are less reliable and more sensitive to things like humidity and overmixing. Italian meringue macarons on the other hand, are more  difficult to overmix and are generally used in professional kitchens as less can go wrong.

Although macarons are not my favourite thing to eat, of all those that I’ve tried, this rose, raspberry and lychee one is really good, the Ispahan by Pierre Hermé. This blog beautifully illustrates how to make and assemble it.

1. Make your filling, I used rose-flavoured mousseline, or you can use rose-flavoured buttercream. Leave in the fridge to firm up.

2. Make your macaron shells as per the recipe. You can add raspberry flavour if you wish. Colour them a light pink when the meringue has cooled down; a little goes long way.


3. Assemble the macarons, as per the Travelling Foodie’s blog, with a lychee in the middle (sadly canned), fresh raspberries around, and a rose petal and raspberry on top.


4. Decorate with a rose petal and raspberry.

Thanks Pierre Hermé!



– Make your macarons in advance as they freeze (unfilled) extremely well.

– You can make the mousseline filling in advance as well, it keeps in the fridge for a few days

– When making the Italian meringue – for macarons – pour the sugar syrup into the egg whites when they are at soft peak. You will get lumps and bumps in the macaron if you wait until stiff peaks.