Japanese Curry

Country of origin: curry was introduced to Japan by the British

It all began with Wagamama’s Vegetarian Katsu curry: crispy bread-crumbed (and I hope, shallow-fried) slices of sweet potato, aubergine and pumpkin besides steaming sushi rice, all smothered in a delicious curry sauce. Although I fully intended to learn how to make this magical curry, once I’d spotted the instant ready-made curry cubes in the Japanese supermarket, we became fast friends and plans came to a halt. The time has now come to make the real deal.

Although the curry usually features carrots, onions, potatoes and chicken, you can put almost anything in it. I used tofu and added some peas.

It’s a really good easy-to-follow recipe, with two parts. In one pan, onions are caramelized, the tofu added and cooked, then the vegetables and some water. In another small pan, make a spicy roux, which is eventually added to the other pan. Voila.

The end result: nice and spicy, albeit milder somehow, lacking the intensity of the packaged version (the flavor did improve after 24 hours though).

P.S. I have separately made sliced and bread-crumbed aubergines, which make a tasty meal served with miso soup, pickles and rice. I am sure they would go beautifully with the curry…