Aloo Paratha


I’m still trying to shake up my breakfast routine, and as Sunday morning rolls around again, I’m going to try something new. Potato-stuffed paratha: cousin to the Indian roti, but a richer, more luxurious relative. Parotha are made of flour, some fat and hot water, the dough is rolled out and a filling may be added, then they are lightly fried. They can be left empty (delicious with scrambled eggs) or filled with any manner of things like mince, spicy sweetcorn, paneer or mashed potatoes.

There potato paratha were nicely spiced and tasty with a dollop of yoghurt. They are delicious for breakfast, but don’t let that stop you eating them any time of day!

Ingredients for the basic paratha:

200 g flour (I used 100g whole wheat and 100g all purpose flour)

Three tablespoons melted ghee/butter/oil

Pinch of salt

Potato filling ingredients:

One medium potato

A teaspoon of cumin powder

Half a teaspoon of salt, to taste

Fresh green chilli, to taste

A teaspoon of minced garlic

Half a teaspoon of ginger

First make the potato filling: boil the potato, as you would for mashed potato and when tender, mash up, with a dash of milk and add all the spices, ginger and garlic and salt to taste. Leave to cool.

For the paratha, put the flours in a heatproof bowl and add the fat (if using ghee or butter, melt it first). Mix with your hands or a spoon until combined.

Now add the hot water from a recently-boiled kettle (I used about 80 ml, or eight tablespoons) and carefully mix unti you have a smooth dough, knead for a few minutes.


Divide into  six little balls, about the size of golf balls. Roll them out to about a four inch diameter, and spoon in some potato mixture, around a tablespoon should do it.

Now pinch around and make a pocket, like a money bag and squeeze this shut. Then turn it around, and gently! roll out again, being careful not to let the potato leak out. I didn’t have the nerve to roll them out too big, about five or six inches in diameter.


Then, put a generous amount of neutral oil in a frying pan, for shallow frying, and cook the parotha for a couple of minutes on each side until they are golden brown and cooked through.

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