Pittsburgh: Paris 66

Paris 66, nestled on Penn Circle, is pretty unassuming, I hadn’t even noticed it until someone pointed it out. A French resturant in Pittsburgh with a pastry chef whose rumoured to have worked at the magical Ladurée. Paris 66 serve bistro-y fare: galettes, seasonal salads, and quiche, but I went there for the macarons as I’d heard they were some of the best in Pittsburgh.

At the counter as you go in, there they are, sitting humbly together on a tray, there they were: lemon, salted caramel, strawberry, peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla.

I chose a modest six: white chocolate and basil, lavender, raspberry, chocolate and passion fruit, rose and salted caramel.

All the macarons were crisp on the outside and soft and marshmallow-y inside. I think most of the fillings were buttercream/mousseline-based, flavoured with jams/extracts…

The most delicious were the salted caramel and chocolate and passionfruit, which was filled with passion fruit-infused ganache. The least exciting for me was the rose macaron; raspberry was lovely and fresh, with fresh raspberry puree or jam swirled through the filling, giving it a tart flavour.

I was most surprised by the white chocolate and basil, which I thought I wouldn’t like at all. Whilst I’m not a complete convert, I’m warming to the idea of white chocolate being paired with the herb-y sweetness of the basil.

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